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Annual Report 2023

Oxford Instruments Report and Financial Statements 2023

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Our purpose in action:
enabling a greener, healthier, more
connected advanced society

Driving green transition in the battery life cycle

With batteries playing a critical part in the green transition, in everything from cars to phones and electronic devices, our products and solutions are supporting customers at every stage of the battery life cycle.

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Enabling advances in life science

Using our equipment, scientists can analyse cells, organs and tissues down to the nanoscale, helping them understand the defects in molecular and cellular processes which cause disease, and test the impact of new treatments.

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Powering an ever-more connected society

Our developments in compound semiconductor processing are supporting a wealth of applications, from truly wireless device charging to hyper-scale data centres and augmented reality.

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Enabling the quantum revolution

Innovating across a multitude of quantum-enabling technologies, from cryogenics to advanced fabrication, scientific cameras and characterisation, we have a key role to play in supporting the commercialisation of quantum.

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