Purpose and Strategy

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Our strategy is shaped around our core purpose: To address some of the world's most pressing challenges with a focus on helping to facilitate a greener economy, increased connectivity, improved health and leaps in scientific understanding.

Horizon, our transformational programme for the Group, is building a stronger Oxford Instruments, positioned to deliver long-term sustainable growth and margin improvement. As a customer-centric, market-focused Group we understand the technical and commercial challenges faced by our customers.

Our strategy enables us to provide more value to our existing customers as well as expand into new attractive markets and application areas.

Horizon is now well embedded across the Group and is helping us to deliver sustained revenue growth and margin improvement. Horizon is driving our long-term plans and initiatives and has transformed our operating processes and day-to-day activities.

We are building a stronger Oxford Instruments, changing the way we operate, enhancing our commercial focus and core capabilities across the Group. We are now better positioned to address a broad and diverse range of attractive end markets and industrial sectors.

Our products, solutions and services are facilitating a greener economy, increased connectivity, improved health and leaps in scientific understanding. Through our Horizon focus, we help our customers accelerate their applied R&D, increase productivity in high tech manufacturing and make ground-breaking discoveries.

Our solutions are being used by customers to find cures for cancer, advance space exploration and develop next generation electronics, advanced materials and quantum technologies.

Our Horizon strategy has the following key elements:

  • we focus our investment on market segments where our key enabling technologies drive long-term growth for our customers and where we can maintain or develop leadership positions;

  • we drive to be a more commercially focused, market-driven Group by maintaining our heritage in supporting fundamental research whilst increasing our focus on solutions for applied R&D and products that can support our commercial manufacturing and production customers;

  • we provide more value to our existing customers, and create growth opportunities in new market segments through application-specific solutions with improved workflows, bespoke analytics, data interpretation and associated support services;

  • we deliver synergies and exploit collaborations across our Group of companies. For example, we prioritise our high-impact R&D projects and resource them from across the Group; and

  • transform our operational model to embed consistency and excellence across our businesses, measured by clearly defined core capabilities that will enhance our competitive advantage.