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Our global team of experts is at your fingertips, helping you get the most from your investment today, preparing you for tomorrow. We offer a broad range of services, process and applications support to enable you to get the most from the products you buy from us, getting you closer to your next breakthrough. 

Our services range from maintenance and repair through to spare parts, upgrades and training. We use advanced data analysis and remote diagnostic capabilities to give you control by bringing our expertise and knowledge into your facility. We aim to keep your equipment working at its best, letting you focus on what matters most.

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Apogee Alta Balor sCMOS Dragonfly iDus
iKon iStar iXon Kymera
Marana sCMOS Mechelle Mosaic Neo sCMOS
Newton Optosplit Shamrock Sona sCMOS
TuCam Zyla sCMOS
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Asylum Research

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Jupiter XR AFM Cypher AFMs MFP-3D AFMs AFM Probes
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MRI Systems CT Systems Veterinarian CT/MRI Mobile MRI
Mobile CT Mobile PET/CT Mobile Nuclear Medicine MRI Services
CT Services Refrigeration Services
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Imaris Start Imaris for Tracking Imaris for Cell Biologists Imaris for Neuroscientists
Imaris Single Full with ClearView Imaris Stitcher
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Magnetic Resonance

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Pulsar and X-Pulse
MQC and MQC+
MQR GeoSpec
MQ Auto
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AZtec Ultim Xplore Symmetry
C-Swift C-Nano Wave WDS INCAEnergy
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OptistatDry TeslatronPT SpectromagPT OptistatDN
MicrostatN OptistatCF MicrostatHE MicrostatHiRes
MicrostatMO Triton Integra Nanonis Tramea
MercuryiPS Mercury iTC SampleProtect
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Plasma Technology

PlasmaPro 100

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PlasmaPro 80 PlasmaPro 100 PlasmaPro 800 PlasmaPro 1000
Atomfab FlexAL Ionfab 300 Nanofab
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X-Ray Technology

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Glass X-ray Tubes Potted X-ray Tubes Radiation Shield X-ray Tubes Microfocus X-ray Sources
Integrated X-ray Sources Power Supplies
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