Operating Model

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Our business is structured around three sectors to support our customer and applications focus

Our Operating Model

Our operational model provides the framework for delivering exceptional customer experiences and sustainable growth.

In support of our strategy we have embedded clearly defined core capabilities across our businesses in the following areas:


Market Intimacy

We continue to develop an in-depth understanding of our customer segments and are tailoring our solutions to more closely meet customer needs. Insights from our stronger customer relationships are informing and aligning our innovation and product development initiatives to customers’ strategic roadmaps.

Progress during the year

We have made good progress in our transformation to a more customer-centric, market-focused Group. We have changed the way we communicate and reach prospective and existing customers, and we are seeing strong revenue growth from commercial customers as we expand our offerings and addressable markets.

Innovation and Product Development

We are focusing our R&D investment on higher growth segments, prioritising our efforts on the most valuable product development opportunities. Importantly, our new operating model is enhancing our ability to leverage the technical capabilities and synergies across the Group, ensuring the more effective delivery of our projects and building a stronger IP portfolio.

Progress during the year

Our heightened customer application-based market intelligence has strengthened our future product roadmaps by identifying more attractive development opportunities and driving our priorities and focus for innovation.

Customer Support

We are building on the growing customer demand for a higher level and broader range of services and support to help meet their evolving commercial and strategic needs. Service is a core differentiator in our markets.

Progress during the year

We continue to develop our customer service offerings to support our customers’ needs. We are offering remote support packages, dynamic and remote monitoring of system performance and are developing bespoke training packages to ensure that our customers can achieve the most from our products and solutions.

Operational Excellence

We have a culture of continuous improvement driving efficiencies across and within our business. We target improvements in cost, time and defects to deliver a world-class experience for our customers.  Operational excellence continues to drive our delivery and outcome-focused processes. 

Progress during the year

We undertook a significant investment in the year to deliver a step change in three key areas: strategic procurement, operational efficiency and logistics. Already this has increased our revenue capacity with improved productivity for the current year.