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The world is in the midst of a second Quantum revolution. Spurred by giant leaps in the ability to detect and manipulate single quantum objects, the technology ecosystem is making huge strides in developing and commercialising applications like Quantum Computing, Communications and Sensors. At Oxford Instruments, we are at the forefront of enabling solutions for Quantum Technologies development.

Whether you need to cool your system to milli-Kelvin temperatures, observe the quantum entanglement in photons or fabricate and characterise qubits and novel quantum materials, our solutions enable you to achieve your goals

Much of the technology we now take for granted with underpinning theoretic description using quantum physics we now label Quantum 1.0. This new quantum technology revolution underway further exploits and controls the fundamental properties of the quantum realm and is popularly known as Quantum 2.0. This technology relies on two further fundamental characteristics of quantum mechanics: superposition and entanglement.

Superposition allows these quantum systems to exist in multiple configurations in parallel, while entanglement makes them strongly linked even across large distances, enabling the possibility of connecting them in a network while still acting as one system. Exploiting and controlling this processing in quantum objects enables a range of exciting new technologies, such as quantum computing, communication, new forms of cryptography and sensing

Discover how our comprehensive solutions are core to the development and commercialisation of these ground-breaking quantum technologies,

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Latest News

Through a series of collaborative R&D programs with leading academic and industry partners, Oxford Instruments has, and continues to, engage in a number of early market prototyping projects. These have ranged from rapid qubit screening tools to early adoption of graphene for table-top metrology.


Leading Quantum Computing Experts Explore tech's sustainability role in new documentary

From national security to medicine, from communications to finance, the potential for quantum technology to change the world is unprecedented. Yet, in a new documentary quantum technology leaders say sustainability should be a major focus of the industry as it develops.



Oxford Instruments partners with the £10 million consortium, to launch the first commercial quantum computer in UK

The three-year programme, led by Rigetti Computing, will build and operate the first quantum computer in the UK, make it available over the cloud, and pursue practical applications in machine learning, materials simulation, and finance. The consortium is joined by University of Edinburgh, quantum software start-up Phasecraft, and Standard Chartered.



Oxford Instruments participates in the launch of the European Quantum Technology Flagship Programme ‘QMiCS’

As part of the European Quantum Flagship QMiCS programme, Oxford Instruments is a key partner supporting the development of a quantum microwave local area network.  This approach has future applications for distributed quantum computing and radar-style quantum sensing with microwaves.