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brand and reputation

Brand and reputation

A globally recognised premium brand with a reputation for innovation, world-class product performance, unprecedented ease of use and excellence in service and support. Oxford Instruments offers increased value to existing customers, as well as creating growth opportunities in new market segments, through application-specific solutions with improved workflows, bespoke analytics, data interpretation and associated support services.


Global business

Oxford Instruments is positioned to address a broad range of markets and industrial sectors. Its key enabling technologies are underpinning the shift to a greener economy, increased digital connectivity, improved healthcare and leaps in scientific understanding. This provides a global base and comprehensive portfolio, offering diversification of opportunity and reduced impact from individual market risks


Attractive end markets

The Group focuses on attractive segments where our key enabling technologies drive long-term growth for customers and where we can maintain leadership positions. These end markets are robust, supported by sustained commercial and Government investment. Our access to all phases of the technology cycle - from academic research to commercial production - means we are well-positioned to benefit from each wave of commercialisation and market disruption. This, alongside a customer application focus and excellent core capabilities, provides strong long-term drivers for future growth and margin improvement.


Focused investment

The Group focuses investment on market segments where its key enabling technologies drive product innovation, world-leading research and long-term growth for customers, where it can maintain leadership positions.

Strong customer relationships

By being customer-centric and market-driven, the Group has developed an in-depth understanding of customer needs, helping customers to accelerate their applied R&D, increase their manufacturing productivity and make ground-breaking discoveries. Today, just over half of Oxford Instruments’ revenue comes from commercial customers.