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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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Oxford Instruments’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“our Code”) sets out the basic standards we must follow and describes how our values should guide all our decisions. Our Code helps us do the right thing when we are faced with difficult decisions. This builds trust and has a positive effect on those we interact with.

Laws vary from country to country. We must always comply with them, but as a global company, we should go further. We need to work to a consistent and high set of standards and values, and follow them in everything we do and say to build a culture of trust and inclusiveness.

We are all duty bound to follow and uphold our Code. We must all remember that failure to do so can put ourselves and Oxford Instruments at risk.

If you are ever concerned that our Code is not being followed, or feel unsure about a situation, it is vital that you speak up, ask a question or share your concern straight away.

We are a Company united by strong standards and values Our reputation and our future success rests on each of us taking personal responsibility for acting within our Code.

Ian Barkshire
Chief Executive

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