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Our technology is used by industry leaders and research institutions around the world who are seeking to address major global challenges. Our products are leading the transformation of a wide range of areas. 

Learn more about the difference we make in the world:

Enabling 5G

5G is the latest iteration of cellular technology with the prospect of a transformational increase in speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks. As a result of these improvements there will also be increasing demands on network infrastructure. Our capabilities in compound semiconductors are supporting manufacturers to develop the optoelectronic components, lasers and high-speed electronics required to deliver the improved performance enabling 5G and the rise in the data economy.

Cancer Research

In the UK alone, 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. However, while cancer rates are increasing, the number of people who will die from the disease is decreasing. It’s thanks to research that many people are now surviving cancer. With more than 200 different types of cancer, researchers are learning more about what causes the disease and are making breakthroughs in therapeutic responses. The imaging resolution and speed of our products are revealing unprecedented detail in living cells, helping to build an understanding of the complex intracellular mechanisms that underlie a wide range of disease states.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are widely seen as one of the most important innovations in transportation. As technology develops and we focus more on renewable energy and improved urban air quality, demand for them will continue to increase and they are expected to represent 22% of global share by 2030. With the rising popularity, demands on the performance capabilities have also increased. We are providing manufacturers with the solutions to address some of the most pressing problems, such as the range of electric vehicles, recharge speeds and reduction in energy loss. We also are enabling the manufacture of advanced sensors to help improve the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Quantum Technology

Quantum technology exploits the body of science that covers the extraordinary and unconventional behaviour of particles and matter when observed at the smallest of scales and under extreme conditions. Exploiting the quantum nature of matter enables a paradigm shift in performance across a range of exciting applications such as quantum computing, secure communications and medical sensors. We continue to work with leading companies and researchers worldwide to provide the fundamental tools for research and the development of solutions for commercial applications.