Gender Pay Report


“Our approach to doing business at Oxford Instruments is
founded on our values of inclusivity, innovation, trust and
being purposeful. We strive to create a workplace where
everyone feels valued, everyone is treated equally, and all
voices and viewpoints are heard. These values are not
simply the right way to do business – they are also
fundamental to the success of our business. It is only by
representing all sections of society, and a wide range of
viewpoints and experiences, that we can truly understand
the needs of our customers, and create the positive impact
we seek through our purpose: to enable a greener,
healthier, more connected advanced society.

"We are committed to making Oxford Instruments a great
place for women to build their careers, both for our current
employees, and for those who will join us in the future.
We’re conscious that, like many of our peers in science and
technology, we still have further to go on our journey to
gender balance, and parity of pay. We are taking positive
action today, and will continue to do so, in order to realise
our vision of a fully inclusive and representative workforce.”

Ian Barkshire
Chief Executive

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