Quantum Information Processing

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Solutions from cooling qubits to detecting single photons

Since the start of the last decade, the drive towards quantum computing has increased significantly. The desire to perform computational tasks faster and more efficiently than on a classical system, or perform computational tasks that are not practical or feasible on current classical computers has lead to a number of significant developments in this field since the announcement of the first commercial quantum annealing system in 2011. There are many different ways to build a qubit, whether that is based on superconducting circuits, quantum dots, NV-centres in diamond or linear optical systems. However, all of them suffer from the same difficulty, spin decoherence. Our cryogen-free Triton cooling systems allow you to isolate your quantum system from the environment, and achieve temperatures down to 5mk to sustain coherent quantum information processing no matter which material system.

It may be that instead of solid-state your quantum computer uses tapped ions. Our iXon EMCCD Cameras with the ability to detect single photons are the perfect readout solutions for these ultra-sensitive systems.

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