26 January, 2021

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Joins MIT.nano Consortium

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research is proud to announce that it has joined as a member of the MIT.nano Consortium. This membership is directly aligned with the Oxford Instruments core purpose “to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”

As part of the membership agreement, Asylum Research has provided MIT.nano with a Jupiter XR large-sample atomic force microscope (AFM). MIT.nano has also recently acquired and installed the Cypher VRS video-rate AFM. Asylum Research will embed a visiting scientist at MIT to support research activities and to recognise the joint benefits of technical collaboration on emerging nanotechnology innovations.

MIT.nano opened in 2018 and is based in a new 214,000 square-foot building in the heart of the MIT campus. It provides shared lab space and cleanrooms with access to a wide range of tools for nanoscale fabrication and characterisation. The MIT.nano Consortium was founded in 2019 to foster corporate partnerships, wherein member companies provide financial support, industrial insights, research support, and scientific collaboration. Oxford Instruments Asylum Research joins just thirteen other leading global companies as members.

“Asylum Research is thrilled to provide support to the important scientific mission of MIT.nano and affiliated researchers,” said Terry Hannon, President of Oxford Instruments Asylum Research. “From next-generation energy materials, to better understanding diseases and their treatment, to new materials for microelectronic devices, MIT researchers are at the forefront of many of the world’s most urgent challenges. Our atomic force microscopes will enable them to extend this research to even smaller dimensions and provide deeper insights.”

“We are excited to welcome Oxford Instruments Asylum Research to the MIT.nano Consortium,” said Vladimir Bulović, the founding faculty director of MIT.nano and the Fariborz Maseeh (1990) Professor of Emerging Technology. “Their technical expertise and cutting-edge atomic force microscopy instruments will propel the impact of MIT’s discoveries and open the door to new nanoscale horizons in our future research.”