Graphene 2024

Join us at the 14th edition of the Graphene Conference series

We are looking forward to participating at the 14th edition of the largest European Conference & Exhibition in Graphene and 2D Materials, which will be organized and held in Madrid, Spain on June 25 - 28, 2024.

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During this event there will be an opportunity to talk to Oxford Instruments experts about our full range of solutions for 2D materials:

Plasma Technology's range of solutions includes high-temperature chemical vapor deposition of 2D materials, dielectrics integration and encapsulation, device pattern etching, atomic layer etching, low-temperature atomic layer deposition and more. 

We also supply leading-edge nanoanalysis and nanomanipulation capabilities that are ideally suited to 2D materials research. WITec’s Raman imaging and correlative microscopes can chemically characterise graphene samples and visualise layer number, strain, doping and defects, while Asylum’s Atomic Force Microscopes can investigate film quality and determine electrical and mechanical properties simultaneously with topography at sub-angstrom resolution. 

Come and talk to us at our booth about your applications! 

At the Graphene Conference, Dr Sarah Riazimehr's paper will be presented during the Industrial Forum.

Poster Title: 2D Device Fabrication Solutions: Low Damage Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition on 2D Materials

Time: Thursday, June 27, from 12:25 to 12:40.

Research showed how 2D materials are promising candidates for applications in electronics, photonics, and sensor technology. However, the transition of these materials from research to widespread industrial use is hampered by several challenges, one of them being the integration of 2D materials with dielectrics, which is essential for the development of next-generation devices.

The deposition of dielectric materials on 2D materials poses a significant challenge due to compatibility issues between 2D layered materials and conventional 3D dielectrics. To address these challenges, Oxford Instruments has been developing laboratory and manufacturing technologies for the unique characteristics of 2D materials. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the innovative solutions developed at Oxford Instruments for 2D material deposition and device fabrication. It will mainly focus on the low damage plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) of high-k dielectrics on 2D materials, using the Oxford Instruments ALD system.


Madrid, Spain


25 - 28 June 2024


Plasma Technology, WITec | Raman, Asylum Research


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Sarah Riazimehr
Sarah Riazimehr

Dr Sarah Riazimehr is a researcher in residence hired by Oxford Instruments and based at AMO GmbH. She runs Oxford Instruments activities within the 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2DEPL) project. Her main goal is to develop processes to deposit dielectric on 2D materials using Oxford Instruments Atomfab plasma ALD system without inducing any damage on the 2D materials.

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