Dry Processing Workshop 2024


24 - 25 September 2024 

The Dry Processing Workshop is an interactive workshop for Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology equipment users, presented by Oxford Instruments and hosted at the University of Stuttgart/ZAQuant.

This 2-day event will be held at the University of Stuttgart facility, Germany, in collaboration with the Institute for Microelectronics in Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS).

The cost attend to the full conference (General Admission) is 290 Euro, which will include entry to the event on both days and dinner on the first evening. However, there is a variety of ticket options available*.

*one ticket per card transaction only

Register and save the date in your diary today, and we will share more details nearer the event. See you there!


Stuttgart, Germany


Plasma Technology

The workshop is in collaboration with

Hosted at the University of Stuttgart/ZAQuant
In collaboration with the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart Register Your Interest


Tuesday 24th September 2024

Plasma Processing Day

  • How do I treat my plasma system well?
  • Uni Stuttgart/ZAQuant: Introductory presentation
  • IMS CHIPS: Introductory presentation
  • Dry etching of Silicon and Silicon Nitride waveguides using electron beam lithography
  • III/V, II/VI etch process: Understanding process trends to improve device performance
  • Dry etching of GaN-devices for power electronics and patterning using MEMS processes
  • Ion Beam Etching: IBE, RIBE, CAIBE
  • SiC plasma processing
  • How to use end point detection techniques to monitor and control plasma processes
  • Low and high rate PECVD, end-pointing and advanced plasma cleaning
  • Modern approaches for deep Si etching
  • Poster Session
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Wednesday 25th September 2024

Atomic Scale Processing Day

  • Plasma ALD: how to use it and what it does
  • Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) Review
  • Atomic layer processing with enhanced endpoint solution enabling next generation GaN HEMTs
  • Advanced Endpoint Products Enabling Critical Plasma Etch Processing Solutions
  • ALD and ALE for quantum
  • Temperature-dependent antibunching, PL and Raman measurements of NV centers in diamond
  • Quantum optics with a spin
  • Wafer-scale growth of graphene and MoS and its encapsulation by ALD
  • Dry etching of Silicon and Silicon Nitride waveguides using electron beam lithography
  • Nanoscale characterization of semiconductor materials with Atomic Force Microscopy
  • LiNbO etching for quantum applications or Endpoint Detection techniques
  • Ion Beam Deposition

*Registration request is not confirmation of participation. Attendance is at the discretion of Oxford Instruments.

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