The use of EDS for QA and FA within production processes

When people ask for a simple solution to their problem, they are often, in practice, asking for a complicated solution that is simple to use. This is especially true for QA and FA applications within production facilities, where many of those performing analyses may not be experts in the techniques involved. In these settings, results need to be acquired quickly and be accurate and reliable, because there will often be a production line on hold, just waiting for an answer. The jobs carried out may be determining the provenance of contaminants or investigating the failure mechanism of a delaminated coating – ideal jobs for investigating with EDS in an SEM but the system must be accessible and easy to use. The workflow could involve a simple spectrum acquisition, or a more involved automated particle analysis run, but whatever the analysis the process must be logical and easy to follow.

In this webinar we will discuss various QA and FA investigations that are ideal to be carried out with SEM-EDS. We will also discuss the software and hardware required to deliver these application solutions with reference to multiple examples.

In this webinar, you will learn how: 

  • EDS can be used for Quality Control and Failure Analysis applications
  • To optimise your EDS workflows
  • Particle analysis can efficiently take your analysis to the next level with automated analysis of 1000s of particles
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Dr Matt Hiscock - Oxford Instruments
Head of Product Science and Solutions

Dr Matt Hiscock holds an MSci in geology from the University of Bristol and a PhD in geochemistry from the University of Edinbu...

Anthony Hyde - Oxford Instruments
EDS Product Manager

Anthony Hyde graduated with a BSc in Physics and has worked in the field of electron microscopy for the past 33 years, 21 of wh...

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