Technical Cleanliness Analysis with AZtecClean

Discover how AZtecClean, the SEM-based particle analysis platform, brings an automated characterisation & technical cleanliness solution by automating energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis to gather compositional and morphological information from particles.

Watch this video & learn how AZtecClean:

  • Automatically finds, identifies & classifies particles, providing an assessment of particle sources & supporting the process of contamination control
  • Reports on particles to international standards such as ISO16232 & VDA19
  • Is easy to use & deploy for a consistent cleanliness monitoring program
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Dr Hui Jiang - Oxford Instruments
Senior Product Scientist
Dr Hui Jiang graduated with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials from Birmingham University. She joined Oxford Instruments in 2008...


AZtecClean is the leading global solution for the detection and analysis of particles as part of the technical cleanliness monitoring and investigations commonly performed in the automotive and aerospace industries.