Real-time Chemical Imaging with AZtecLive

Understanding what elements are in your sample and finding areas of interest is not always easy. It can be a challenging step that can slow your workflow and influence your results. Oxford Instruments has developed the first real-time chemical imaging system to help you rapidly understand your sample and find what is of interest to you.

Chemical imaging requires high count rate, which is made possible with the development of Ultim Max detectors, the latest generation of Silicon Drift Detectors combining the largest sensors sizes with Extreme electronics to deliver unparalleled speed and sensitivity.

You will learn:

  • How real-time chemical imaging is made possible using latest hardware and software developments
  • How real-time chemical imaging gives you an instant overview of your sample and enhances your workflow using the different tools included in AZtecLive
  • Some examples of the use of chemical imaging on different samples
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21 Minutes






Dr Haithem Mansour - Oxford Instruments
EDS Product Manager

Dr. Haithem Mansour graduated with a PhD in Material Science from the University of Lorraine in France where he developed novel...


The AZtecLive software platform combines unrivalled speed and accuracy of results for routine analysis, with the flexibility and power required for more complex applications.