Introduction to sample identification in the SEM with AZtecMatch

In this tutorial, Anthony Hyde introduces the newly launched AZtecMatch functionality, which enables users to automatically identify features/samples in the electron microscope. He will talk about how this new functionality will help speed up analysis and increase the certainty of results. He will show you how to tailor the software to suit the types of samples you analyse.

  • Automatically identify a sample during analysis
  • Synthesise a spectrum
  • Set up your own sample database for use with automated matching

Who should attend?

  • Individuals involved in routine materials characterisation and screening
  • Managers of analytical facilities with a range of instrument capabilities
  • Those involved with the characterisation/quality control/Failure Analysis of a range of materials
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Anthony Hyde - Oxford Instruments
EDS Product Manager

Anthony Hyde graduated with a BSc in Physics and has worked in the field of electron microscopy for the past 33 years, 21 of wh...

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