Introduction to Reporting and Data Export in AZtecLive

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AZtecLive has very comprehensive Reporting and Exporting capabilities. Reporting can mean a single page template word report in an industrial QC/FA lab to one person. It can mean copying an image from AZtec and pasting it into a university thesis. To others, reporting can mean exporting raw data into an external software package for further manipulation. AZtecLive enables is flexible enough to satisfy all these needs 

In this tutorial you will learn how to create/use/modify report templates, how to control the size/resolution and graphics of exported images and how to export data. 

Join us and learn:

    • How to setup default templates
    • How to export images at desired resolutions
    • How to use Report Template Editor
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    On Demand


    30 mins






    Anthony Hyde - Oxford Instruments
    EDS Product Manager

    Anthony Hyde graduated with a BSc in Physics and has worked in the field of electron microscopy for the past 33 years, 21 of wh...


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