Introduction to AZtecBattery

The presence of impurities and contaminants in the material used in the production of Li-ion batteries can significantly degrade battery performance, or, in a worst-case scenario, have catastrophic impacts by causing major failure. As such, monitoring of the quality and cleanliness of materials throughout the production process is essential if contaminants are to be found and their sources controlled. 

In this tutorial, expert Kim Larsen gives an overview of our newly released software AZtecBattery, an automated cleanliness solution for battery powders.

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Kim Larsen - Oxford Instruments
Senior Product Scientist

Kim Larsen joined HKL Technology A/S in January 2004. The company was acquired by Oxford Instruments in the following year. Thr...


AZtecBattery is a powerful, automated, solution for the analysis of powders used in the manufacturing of battery materials and batteries. AZtecBattery is ideal for the detection and identification of contaminants in powders all the way from the mining facility to the battery manufacturing plant.