Getting more from the SEM: Automated analysis & interpretation

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In this tutorial, we will show how, by making use of the AZtecFeature add on to the AZtecLive NanoAnalysis suite, a wide variety of analyses can be automated. This includes automation of the decisions of what to analyse, the analysis itself and automation of interpretation – via classification and reporting of data to pre-defined formats. This automation extends beyond particulated materials to solid materials made of multiple grains, to materials involving inclusions – i.e. many sample types that show a lateral variation in each field of view.

We will show how this automation can be far faster and more time efficient than manual analyses or mapping based approaches and how analysis using pre-defined recipes and classification schemes can remove bias from the analytical process.

Join us and discover:

    • How automated analysis with AZtecFeature can help you spend your SEM time more efficiently
    • That a wide range of analytical tasks can be conducted automatically on the same system
    • That a layer of interpretation can be automatically applied to analyses to aid in rapid understanding of samples and decision making
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    On Demand


    30 mins






    Dr Matt Hiscock - Oxford Instruments
    MAG Head of Product Science

    Dr Matt Hiscock is the MAG Head of Product Science at Oxford Instruments and holds an MSci in geology from the University of Br...

    Dr Hui Jiang - Oxford Instruments
    Senior Product Scientist
    Dr Hui Jiang graduated with a degree in Metallurgy and Materials from Birmingham University. She joined Oxford Instruments in 2008...

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