AZtecFeature: Speed in Every Aspect of Particle Analysis

Particle analysis is an approach that is used on a wide range of applications – these include everything from measuring and characterising wear debris to identifying contaminants in electronic device manufacture, characterising geological materials, forensics analyses and much more. The approach is particularly powerful when performed on the SEM as one can automate the detection, analysis and interpretation of particles by using a combination of image thresholding, automated compositional measurement and particle classification. This can be done do for many thousands of particles per run, making it possible to make more efficient use of the SEM and analytical system.

Traditionally, this sort of analysis was complex to setup, slow to run and hard to report on. Recent advances in both the analytical hardware and software have enabled throughput rates to be greatly increased whilst maintaining accuracy and confidence.

In this tutorial we will show how Oxford Instrument’s particle analysis platform for SEM, AZtecFeature combines cutting edge analytical hardware and software to provide the highest levels of throughput – from the first step of putting the sample in the microscope through to result.

You will learn how:

  • To perform high-throughput particle analysis from loading samples to reporting
  • Smart functionalities allow analysis time to be focussed where it is needed most
  • Oxford Instruments combines the latest generation of EDS detectors with processing electronics and software to create a powerful and comprehensive particle analysis platform
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Dr Matt Hiscock - Oxford Instruments
MAG Head of Product Science

Dr Matt Hiscock is the MAG Head of Product Science at Oxford Instruments and holds an MSci in geology from the University of Br...


AZtecFeature is the world-leading particle analysis solution for SEM. Using a combination of smart approaches, our latest release includes our FeatureExpress upgrade to combine the highest levels of throughput with accuracy; giving the high-quality results that analysts need in a wide range of particle analysis applications.