Analytical correlative workflows with Relate - a step-by-step guide

Relate is a powerful software platform that integrates and aligns image data acquired from different microscope techniques and extracts correlated analytical information. But the acquisition of correlated data and ensuring samples are compatible with all the imaging modalities being used are also key steps to any correlative workflow.

In this tutorial experts Dr Louise Hughes and Dr Jonathan Moffat will go through the key steps to analytical correlative workflows, demonstrating the full workflow from sample preparation through to analysis. This video explains the different options which can be used to setup the drift correction for your application and it shows how you as a user can get live feedback on how the routine is correcting.

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Dr Louise Hughes - Oxford Instruments
Business Manager

Dr Louise Hughes is the Business Manager for EBSD, FIB and Life Sciences at Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis. Prior to this she ...


Relate is a correlative software package optimised to work with EM, EDS, EBSD, & AFM data and images. It provides the tools you need to correlate data from different microscopes, visualise multi-layered data in 2D and 3D, and conduct correlative analyses.