How to do accurate, fast sample analysis with a tabletop electron microscope equipped with EDS

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In this webinar, we will show you how to get the best results from a TTM/EDS (Tabletop Microscope, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) energy system, through multiple application examples. We will delve into the capabilities of both the Hitachi TM4000Plus and the AZtec/XploreCompact EDS system from Oxford Instruments, and discuss the necessity to have easy-to-use and intuitive software on both instruments, giving users the confidence to analyse samples with minimal training.

You will learn about the capabilities of the TM4000Plus, including the use of multiple imaging modalities and the ability to work at both high vacuum and variable pressure so that both conductive and insulating samples can be imaged. 

We will also go into detail about how we have incorporated technology usually only found in high-end EDS systems into the Oxford Instruments XploreCompact system in order to make accurate, fast and even live EDS analysis accessible to all users. We will demonstrate features like Tru-Q and TruMap, which ensure that users don’t have to be experts to get expert results. We will also show you how the new large area XploreCompact is ideal for performing Live Chemical Imaging, which enables the quick and comprehensive investigation of samples with real-time chemical feedback via a Live Electron Image, Live X-ray Maps and a Live Spectrum, even while the SEM stage is moving.

    Join us and learn:

    • How to image & analyse any sample in minutes without extensive sample prep
    • What type of applications can be carried out on a TTM equipped with EDS
    • How easy it is to operate the TM4000Plus
    • How AZtecLive & the XploreCompact can improve your productivity
    23 April 2024

    9 : 00 AM (BST)
    2 : 00 PM (BST)


    1 hour





    In partnership with Hitachi 

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    Dr Matt Hiscock - Oxford Instruments
    MAG Head of Product Science

    Dr Matt Hiscock is the MAG Head of Product Science at Oxford Instruments and holds an MSci in geology from the University of Br...

    Patrick Marks - Hitachi High-Tech Europe
    Senior Applications Specialist

    Patrick Marks has 37 years’ experience in Electron Microscopy covering SEM, TEM and Cryo-preparation techniques in both Mater...

    Anthony Hyde - Oxford Instruments
    EDS Product Manager

    Anthony Hyde graduated with a BSc in Physics and has worked in the field of electron microscopy for the past 33 years, 21 of wh...


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