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12 March 2024

Meet our Spectroscopy Application Specialists

In the field of spectroscopy, having the right expertise is crucial for making significant discoveries. At Andor we have recently added two Spectroscopy specialists to our team, joining Adam Wise. This move strengthens our dedication to advancing spectroscopy and supporting our customers effectively. Andrew and Folusho, welcome aboard! Your experience brings valuable insights for the future of spectroscopy.

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Andrew Carpenter (supporting West US)

Andrew Carpenter comes to Andor after spending the last three years as an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow where he used an array of nonlinear spectroscopic methods to study the protein-lipid chemistry underpinning certain forms of adult-onset muscular dystrophies. Before that, during his PhD, Andrew leveraged vibrational SFG and SFG scattering to study the molecular structure and chemical bonding environments at nano-oil droplet surfaces. You can find his work in PNAS, ACS, and AIP journals.

Folusho Balogun (supporting Europe)

Folusho has a background in spectroscopy, which she gained during her PhD at Warwick University. She has experience of Ultrafast Spectroscopy techniques such as Transient Absorption Spectroscopy, THz spectroscopy and Time Resolved Photoluminescence, all of which are relevant to our market. Prior to her PhD, Folusho completed an MSci in Chemistry at Queen Mary, University of London.

Most recently Folusho worked as an Early Career Fellow within the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at Warwick University. In addition to her academic achievements Folusho has been active in outreach and other activities, including being the founder of “Warwick Ethnic Minorities in Physics Network”, which is a network for ethnic minorities in the physics department.

Adam Wise (supporting East US) 

Adam is a U.S.-based applications scientist at Andor, specializing in spectrometers, optical cryostats, and scientific cameras. He earned his PhD working with John Grey at the University of New Mexico, studying Raman spectroscopy of organic semiconductors. He has been involved in optical instrumentation as a researcher, field service engineer, and applications scientist for the last 18 years.

The Future of Spectroscopy Looks Bright at Andor

Andrew and Folusho recently joined the Andor team and their expertise in spectroscopy is a solid investment for the future. With diverse backgrounds and a passion for science, they are aligned with Andor's mission to advance physical science applications. They are the next-generation specialists set to make a difference within Andor and the research our products are used for. Andor aims to lead in science applications by fostering expertise and collaboration.