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19th October 2020

Oxford Instruments releases the Proteox5mK – World’s Coldest Cryofree Dilution Refrigerator Enabling the Next Generation of Qubits

Enabling quantum researchers to develop the next generation of quantum computers, the Proteox5mK from Oxford Instruments is the world’s coldest cryogen free dilution refrigerator.

Exploring material states at low temperatures is used to develop the next generation of stable qubits with increased tolerance to external interactions and increased coherence times.

These low temperatures are essential to reveal subtle quantum effects that are hidden by the noise of thermal fluctuations. The lower the temperature of a material, the more hidden features of the quantum world can be resolved and the more that we learn about these new materials. Low electron temperatures combined with high magnetic fields will help characterise exotic quantum states such as Majorana Fermions and Fibonacci Particles using the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.

The Proteox5mK utilises Oxford Instruments’ most powerful dilution unit and active gas gap heat switches to achieve base temperatures below 5 mK, the lowest continuous base temperature available in any dilution refrigerator. Actively cancelled magnets will ensure low eddy current heating to enable these ultra-low base temperatures to be maintained at high fields. Low vibration is essential to reducing eddy current heating, and the system incorporates multiple passive vibration reduction features which minimises any displacement from the pulse tube. Designing for low vibration from product concept, Oxford Instruments has eliminated the need for expensive active vibration solutions in the Proteox platform. Although clearly well aligned to quantum transport research, the high cooling power of 25 µW at 20 mK and low base temperature of the system have wider application in research areas including spectroscopy and quantum annealing.

“It is clear that stable qubits are needed with increased tolerance to external interactions and increased coherence times. Oxford Instruments is ensuring that the quantum researchers have access to the best platform for the development of next generation quantum technologies, from early stage single qubit research, right through to commercial quantum computer scale-up. The Proteox5mK delivers a 5 millikelvin base temperature, and up to 14 Tesla magnetic field, opening up new material understandings," highlighted Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments Nanoscience.

Based on the Proteox platform, the Proteox5mK system is optimised for ease of use, with a new web-based control system providing remote connectivity, optimised automation routines, and enhanced data visualisation capabilities. Further benefits in system control are gained through a patented gas-gap heat-switch system, that can actively adjust the thermal conductivity between experimental plates. Oxford Instruments will be presenting the new Proteox5mK dilution refrigerator at Quantum 2020 held from October 19th to 22nd, 2020. The system is available for purchase now.

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