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12 Apr

Introducing Oi View - a ground-breaking new digital connectivity platform

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis is launching Oi View - a cutting-edge digital platform which delivers real-time insights on Oxford Instruments systems to a customer’s phone, tablet, or PC – allowing them to stay informed, wherever they are.

Oi View allows users to stay informed on their system health and utilisation, and on the progress of live analyses. Customers can plan ahead with confidence, making the best use of their time while maximising laboratory productivity. It has been designed and engineered in partnership with digital experts to deliver an easy-to-use, and highly functional website and web app.

“Many facilities invest in Oxford Instruments systems to enhance their analytical capabilities,” explains Iain Anderson, Product Marketing Director for Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, “and reliability and efficiency are primary concerns for any facility manager. Through Oi View, they will have access to the health and utilisation of their facility’s Oxford Instruments systems at any time, on any device. Additionally, they can receive periodic reports on this information, to support their own reports and applications for expansion. This can feed directly into their day-to-day planning, as well as being a key tool as they look to the future.”

Global data insights, delivered to customers wherever they are.

Immediate access means Oi View is great for teams working internationally or remotely, sharing global data insights. And because it works in real-time, with optional notifications, users will know about issues as soon as they happen.

“Their analysis is important to any microscopist,” says Ed Jackson, Oi View Product Manager, “but watching a progress bar to ensure they can intervene if anything goes wrong is not the best use of their time. Oi View gives them confidence to walk away from their machine, knowing they will be informed if anything goes wrong, freeing them up to engage in other activities or to dive into the Oi Library and refresh themself on the best practices or latest applications notes.”

All of these features are free to access and use.

But there’s more to Oi View 

But there’s more to Oi View than state-of-the-art data insights: from the most up-to-date and relevant documentation (be it application guides, software manuals, etc.) to consultations with Oxford Instruments application experts, Oi View helps solve microscope users’ trickiest problems. In the process, they can enhance their skills and stay on top of the latest techniques. While for labs, it means maximising microscope uptime, throughput, and productivity. It’s a win-win for users and for their labs.

“Oi View allows anyone signed up to book consultations directly with Oxford Instruments experts”, Matt Hiscock, Head of Product Science for Oxford Instruments Materials Analysis Group, explains. “In Oi View, they can discuss any topic that may be impacting their results, such as sample prep or optimising experimental conditions. As Oi View is a shared space in which anyone logged in can access the outputs of consultations, and get involved in the discussions, it means the learning of these consultations can be readily stored and shared, potentially becoming a hugely valuable repository of knowledge and best practice.”

Robust and secure

Oi View has been independently scrutinised to ensure that data and systems are secure. The platform is built with the same commitment to quality for which Oxford Instruments is internationally recognised. Robust and intuitive to use and navigate, Oi View provides personalised insights and expertise from anywhere, to anywhere – and users can take all of that with them, wherever they go.

"It’s a product that brings us closer to our customers, and our customers closer to us." Christian Lang, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis

Early-adopter customer feedback

“For us, it's a very useful tool. It helps with the everyday running of a multi-user facility. We can be further away from this equipment and still track when something went wrong. We have a direct connection with Oxford Instruments support if we needed this support. Everything is within this platform, so it's accessible for all staff members together” Dr Giulia Degli Alessandri, Electron Microscopy Suite, STEM Faculty, Open University.