26 June 2024

Imaris 10.2 Released

Double 3D rendering speed for all users and Mac M3 version 

Oxford Instruments Andor has today announced the release of Imaris 10.2, the latest version of its market-leading AI-powered image analysis software for microscopic images.

In the last decade, Imaris has constantly evolved to improve the visualisation and analysis of large images. Past releases have introduced AI (machine learning) to improve object identification and classification, spatial measurements, correlative data visualisation, and other tools for more precise segmentation and better understanding of microscopy data.

Now, Imaris 10.2 brings significant speed and quality improvements, rendering twice as fast as before, and boosting the productivity of researchers who are interactively visualising the smallest details of their datasets.

To provide a best-in-class experience and support for Mac OS users, this latest release introduces native versions of Imaris, Imaris Viewer (free service), Imaris Stitcher, and Imaris File Converter for Apple silicone M chips.

Imaris 10.2 is on average 20% faster on M chips compared to its Intel predecessor and is the only commercial microscopy image analysis software equipped with trainable and fast AI segmentation tools natively supporting Apple silicon.

Importantly, Imaris 10.2 improves the widely used Key-Frame Animation tool to ensure more natural rendering flow within 3D datasets of hundreds of gigabytes. The animations in 10.2 enable freeze-time effect for better focus on the structures of interest.

Faster, smarter image analysis software will lead researchers to faster, smarter publications

Anna Paszulewicz, Imaris Product Manager at Oxford Instruments Andor, commented:

“The speed increase in volume rendering is amazing, and it is quite a while since we had such a big jump forward. For me, in mixed scenes I experience nearly double the speed. Faster, smarter image analysis software like Imaris 10.2 will lead researchers across the microscopy world to faster, smarter publications."

Imaris’ goal is to bring researchers the most comprehensive visualisation and analysis software for 3D/4D and time-lapse microscopic images. It’s notable that Imaris is inclusive for all available microscopy files and provides seamless conversion to native IMS, using Bio-Formats.

Users can download a 10-day free trial of Imaris to explore the software first-hand.