14 July 2023

Breakthrough Ultra-fast ALD Product

Oxford Instruments Launches Breakthrough Ultra-fast ALD Product for Quantum Technology and Advanced R&D

Oxford Instruments today announces the launch of the PlasmaPro ASP, a high-rate atomic layer deposition (ALD) research system within its Atomfab® product range. The PlasmaPro ASP benefits from a new patented remote plasma source design, optimised chamber geometry and wafer stage bias for ion energy control. These features combine to deliver three times faster ALD rate, low resistivity and high Tc superconducting nitride films for quantum, the initial application focus for the launch. The plasma source design involved a partnership with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), which received a development module to study the plasma parameter space and confirm the high-rate low damage source characteristics. The research paper published following the joint development work with TU/e was awarded best paper at last year’s AVS ALD/ALE conference.

Oxford Instruments’ collaboration with TU/e has continued through to process development, where TU/e has been serving as a PlasmaPro ASP application development accelerator for quantum and additional applications for the past year.

“This system is an excellent addition to our existing ALD tool set from Oxford Instruments, as it distinguishes itself in terms of productivity and plasma capability. Hence it provides some unique opportunities for our research in the field of electronics, photonics and quantum technology.” Prof.dr.ir. Erwin Kessels, Chair Plasma & Materials Processing (PMP) group.

“We have experienced high pre-launch interest from the market for the PlasmaPro ASP for superconducting quantum materials. The PlasmaPro ASP is designed to address key quantum challenges with an innovative high-rate source design and high machine up-time, as well as an intuitive software user interface called PTIQ."

“With the source design derived from our Atomfab® ALD production product, the PlasmaPro ASP retains process speed and robustness, with the inclusion of additional hardware to increase flexibility, which offers a unique solution to the quantum market to speed up development cycles.” Dr Russ Renzas, Quantum Technologies Market Manager, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, Americas.

Oxford Instruments is attending the American Vacuum Society’s 23rd annual conference on atomic layer deposition (AVS ALD/ALE 2023) in Bellevue, Washington, from 23 to 26 July. The Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology team will be available at the company’s booth to talk about the PlasmaPro ASP, and share its latest atomic scale processing solutions for quantum and other developing technologies.

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