Part of the Oxford Instruments Group

2 Apr

Andor Technology Ltd rebrands as Oxford Instruments Andor

Andor Technology has announced that it has changed its brand name to Oxford Instruments Andor, aligning more closely with its parent company, Oxford Instruments.

This strategic decision comes as part of Oxford Instruments' ongoing efforts to streamline its branding and create a unified identity across all customer touchpoints.

By incorporating the Oxford Instruments name into Andor’s customer facing brand, the company aims to leverage its combined global footprint across a range of key markets, while providing customers with a clearer understanding of its business.

The rebranding does not impact the company’s overall strategy. Instead, it is intended to enhance its market position and enable it to better serve its customers' evolving needs.

There will be no change to the products or level of service and support offered by Oxford Instruments Andor.

Oxford Instruments Andor’s solutions include scientific cameras, microscope systems, spectrographs, optical cryostats, and microscopy image analysis software. The company’s aim is to deliver differentiated, accessible solutions to the widest possible scientific research and industrial communities.