International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis
ISTFA 2018

ISTFA 2018

Meet Oxford Instruments at ISTFA 2018

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Oxford Instruments provide industry-leading processes and tools for Failure Analysis (FA) dry etching de-processing, including:

  • Polyimide removal (RIE or ICP mode)
  • Isotropic Nitride (passivation) removal (PE or ICP mode)
  • Anisotropic Oxide (IMD/ILD) removal (RIE or ICP mode)
  • Anisotropic Low-K Oxide removal (RIE or ICP mode)
  • Metal skeleton removal (RIE or ICP mode)

Our Failure Analysis tools allow a wide range of processes, able to process small die or packaged devices through to 300mm wafers.


Phoenix, Arizona

Booth Number: #320


28th Oct - 1st Nov


Plasma Technology, NanoAnalysis

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