APS Physics March 2021

Join us virtually at the APS Physics March Meeting on 15 - 19 March 2021. We’d love to discuss with you how we’re supporting breakthrough innovation in quantum computing as well as material sciences. 

During APS Physics we will be giving a series of workshop presentations:

Monday 15th March, 11:00am (CST)
Talk Title:
Proteox overview and platform roadmap
 Dr. Harriet van der Vliet, Product Manager - Quantum Technologies 

In this session, Dr. Harriet van der Vliet will share insights into the product platform roadmap for Oxford Instruments’ next generation cryogenics dilution refrigerator, Proteox. Harriet will highlight key features, specifically Oxford Instruments’ Secondary Insert capabilities; fast sample exchange, and its innovative software feature set. She will also review its suitability for quantum computing applications and scale up.

Tuesday, 16th March, 15:00 (CST)
LOR Science prize winner presentation
with an introduction from the Committee Chair, Dr. Bruce Gaulin. Winner to be announced soon.

Wednesday, 17th March: 11:00am (CST)

Talk Title: Experimental applications using Oxford Instruments’ Teslatron PT

Speaker: Dr. Gustav Teleberg, Cryogenics Product Specialist

Oxford Instruments’ Teslatron PT is a versatile, cryogen-free experimental platform that provides access to both a wide temperature range (300 – 1.5 K) and high magnetic field (up to 14 T) environment. As part of the presentation, Dr. Gustav Teleberg will provide an outline of the latest system options available with the system.

Wednesday, 17th March: 12:00pm (CST)
Talk Title: Atomic Layer Deposition and Plasma Tools for Better Quantum Devices
Speaker: Dr. Russ Renzas, Quantum Technologies Market Manager

Our expert in Quantum Technology, Dr. Russ Renzas, will discuss how to improve processes and reduce losses associated with substrate-metal, metal-vacuum, and substrate-vacuum interfaces in superconducting systems. We will also discuss the importance of high-quality etch and deposition techniques for low roughness diamond and photonic etches, superconducting 3D integration, and Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors.

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