Analytica 2024

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Analytica is the world's leading marketplace for products and services along the entire value chain for modern laboratory processes, and the most important industry gathering bringing together the entire range of topics that pertain to laboratories in research and industry.


Munich, Germany

Booth Number

407, Hall A2


April 9-12, 2024


Magnetic Resonance, NanoAnalysis, WITec | Raman, Asylum Research, Andor

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Oxford Instruments will be there to present its latest product innovations. Stop by our booth n.407, hall A2 from April 9 to April 12 in Munich, Germany, and have a chat with our experts!

Oxford Instruments Material Analysis Solutions

Understanding the structure and property of a material is fundamental to understanding its characteristics and improving its performance. Oxford Instruments materials analysis solutions enable you to accurately analyse and characterise materials down to the nanoscale level more rapidly, by combining superior detection and analysis instruments with software platforms that interpret the resulting data in the context of your research. To support you, our experts are on-hand to ensure the quick and efficient set up of your system to achieve your desired results. Comprehensive maintenance plans are available to protect your investment and maintain system lifetime productivity and analytical capability.

Our innovative expertise and key-enabling technologies will empower you to accelerate your R&D or increase your productivity. 

Raman Imaging, RISE Microscopy (Raman-SEM), Raman-AFM, Raman-based Particle Analysis 

WITec Raman imaging and correlative microscopes provide researchers with powerful, modular, laboratory multitools for nondestructively characterising the molecular properties of their samples with industry-leading speed, sensitivity, and resolution. Since pioneering Raman imaging, we have continued to advance the technique and deliver its benefits to an ever-widening range of applications.

RISE Microscopy integrates Raman chemical acuity with SEM structural precision; ParticleScout finds, classifies, and spectrally identifies microparticles; and alphaCART enables customers to bring research-grade Raman microscopy to their samples far outside of conventional laboratory environments.

Analytics for Electron Microscopes

Come and see our Electron Microscopy products, which enable you to accurately analyse and characterise materials down to the nanoscale level more rapidly.

We are launching Oi View at Analytica. This groundbreaking new digital platform which delivers real-time insights on your Oxford Instruments SEM systems to your phone, tablet or PC, allowing you to stay informed, wherever you are.

We are introducing Unity - the world’s first BEX imaging detector that combines Backscattered Electron and X-ray (BEX) imaging in a single technique, simultaneously. Supported by our AZtec software platform, our EDS detectors give you accurate compositional analysis in real time, while our WDS quantifies minor and trace elements with unmatched speed and flexibility. For microstructural detail, the Symmetry S3 EBSD detector give unrivalled acquisition speeds, pattern resolution and sensitivity.

We are running virtual demos of all our systems from the stand. Request a demo, now.

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Atomic Force Microscopy

Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM). Discover Vero, our latest next-generation AFM, we build on the incredible performance of our flagship Cypher AFM platform while incorporating interferometric detection technology (a quadrature phase differential interferometer – QPDI) to measure true vertical tip displacement. This eliminates common artifacts that arise in AFMs that use the traditional optical beam detection (OBD) method of measuring cantilever angle. Vero’s QPDI detection system avoids crosstalk between vertical and in-plane tip forces and has a noise floor significantly lower than OBD systems for higher measurement sensitivity. The technological advances in Vero enable AFM measurements to be made with unrivalled accuracy and repeatability.

Benchtop NMR

Our benchtop NMR spectroscopy and time domain (TD-NMR) relaxometry solutions enable novel research and optimise quality control. X-Pulse is a broadband benchtop NMR spectrometer with advanced sample temperature control for identifying molecular structure and monitoring reaction dynamics. X-Auto, for use with X-Pulse, is an automatic sample changer, allowing up to 25 samples to be preloaded. Our MQC+ analysers provide fast, simple and accurate measurement of oil, water, fluorine and fat content to deliver robust QA/QC solutions. GeoSpec is the industry standard rock core analyser for use in oil exploration and petrophysics.

Cameras, spectroscopy and microscopy solutions

With a reputation for cutting edge innovation, unparalleled quality, and designed-in reliability, Andor are industry leaders, providing detection solutions to researchers and OEMs in various industries and environments. Our products form an integral part of our industrial partners’ instrumentation. Andor’s extensive portfolio of high-performance imaging cameras, spectrographs, microscopy systems and detectors are suited to a wide range of applications offering a superb combination of sensitivity, speed, dynamic range noise characteristics, and linearity, ensuring we have the ideal imaging or measurements solution for your instruments or application.