Webinar - Rapid measurement of FOG from wastewater using Benchtop NMR

Measurement of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in wastewater is a crucial parameter in environmental monitoring performed by water suppliers’ laboratories and environmental authorities. One method involves passing a volume of water through a filter which collects both FOG and solid particulates; after drying the filter, the FOG is determined by Soxhlet analysis.* However the Soxhlet method is a long and laborious process, requires skilled operators and the use of hazardous solvents which need to be disposed of. Furthermore, the method is not very accurate or sensitive, and the solvents that are used today are unlikely to extract all the FOG.

This webinar shows how the MQC+ Benchtop NMR analyser can replace Soxhlet analysis for measurement of FOG on a single filter sheet, thus enabling sample automation as well as higher throughput, accuracy and sensitivity.


*The Determination of Oil and Greases in Waste Water by Filtration, Solvent Extraction and Gravimetry, in Methods for the examination of waters and associated materials, 1987 (ISBN 011 752076 4)

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