Webinar - Rapid analysis of street drugs and structural identification of unknown compounds

Benchtop NMR is an extremely powerful technique for the identification of small molecules. Most illicit substances fall into this category. By combining benchtop NMR with a database of illicit substances we have shown that rapid analysis with a high degree of certainty is possible. During this webinar we also discuss how this technology has been used to support on the ground police and prison services.

By the end of the webinar you will have learnt:

  • What type of samples benchtop NMR can analyse
  • How databases can allow rapid analysis of substances for novice users
  • How this technique can be deployed in the field
  • How benchtop NMR can also be used to identify new compounds for forensic applications
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Our Speakers

Dr James Sagar - Oxford Instruments
Strategic Product & Applications Manager

James Sagar has been a Strategic Product and Applications Manager in benchtop NMR at Oxford Instruments since January 2019. He ...