Benchtop NMR analysis and the future for the food industry

NMR is one of the most powerful tools available to an analytical chemist; the ability to quantify and characterise materials creates almost endless possibilities.

During this webinar, Kevin Nott, Product Manager at Oxford Instruments, introduces both time domain NMR (TD-NMR) and benchtop NMR spectroscopy, while Tim Lumb, Chemistry Technical Manager at ALS Global, outlines some common applications of NMR in food analysis and how this tool will evolve in the future.

Currently, total fat analysis is the most frequent application for NMR in food testing and during this webinar you will hear about the advantages of using this tool over other methods. The experts explore whether it’s possible to characterise and understand more about the composition and character of fat.

The future for NMR is also considered, with particular regard to solvent suppression. The speakers address whether this will allow for carbohydrate-based methods to be transferred from high- to low-field instruments, and how this may influence commodities such as honey and fruit juice.

By the end of the webinar, you will have learnt:

  • How time-domain TD-NMR and benchtop NMR spectroscopy work
  • What information these tools provide
  • How they can be used in the food testing laboratory.
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Our Speakers

Dr Kevin Nott -
Oxford Instruments
Product Manager
Kevin has worked at Oxford Instruments since May 2005. Kevin was previously at the University of Cambridge where he researched int...
Tim Lumb - ALS Global
Food Chemistry Technical Manager (UK), Food Chemistry Technical Co-ordinator (Europe) and Life Sciences Innovation Co-ordinator (Europe)

Tim has been working in the food industry for 15 years, starting as a Laboratory Technician studying nutrients in a range of fo...