Webinar - Analysis of oils and fats in food manufacturing

Time domain NMR is used to measure oil/fat, solid fat, water and droplet size in many factories world-wide. Samples are measured as is without extraction or other alteration therefore results are more consistent than methods which rely upon an operator to follow a procedure with multiple steps or use their judgement to read the correct result. This webinar is intended to inform how TD-NMR can be used for food manufacturing.

This webinar will highlight the basic TD-NMR theory and methodology for fast, accurate and solvent-free analysis of oil/fat content, as well as other measurements, in foods using the MQC+. By the end of the webinar you will have learnt:

  • what time domain NMR is
  • what time domain NMR can measure
  • where and how time domain NMR can be used for process and quality control
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Dr Kevin Nott -
Oxford Instruments
Product Manager
Kevin has worked at Oxford Instruments since May 2005. Kevin was previously at the University of Cambridge where he researched int...