The Analytical Power of Correlative Raman Imaging: New Developments, Tools and Applications

The Analytical Power of Correlative Raman Imaging: New Developments, Tools and Applications

This webinar explains what Raman microscopy is and how it can be combined with other imaging techniques. Various application examples illustrate the technique's power.


Confocal Raman imaging is a powerful, versatile and increasingly common microscopy technique, capable of quickly identifying the molecules in a sample and visualizing their physical distribution three-dimensionally. This nondestructive and label-free chemical imaging method has enormous potential for researchers in many fields of application.

This webinar will introduce the fundamental principles of Raman microscopy and it will detail the associated hardware and software. Our speakers will describe several of its variations providing relevant application examples. Correlative microscopy will then be introduced, and details of Raman-AFM and Raman-SEM (RISE) microscopy solutions will be presented.


During this webinar, the speakers will present:

  • What Raman microscopy is, along with an introduction to its operational principles and hardware considerations.
  • Possibilities and new tools for Raman investigations including several application examples from various fields.
  • How correlative microscopy can provide a more complete understanding of a sample than techniques in isolation.
On Demand

On Demand


c. 50 min.




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Our Speakers

This webinar is presented by Dr. Miriam Böhmler, Head of the Application and Support Department at WITec, and Dr. Ute Schmidt, Applications Manager at WITec GmbH.

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