Shine a light on your chemistry with in-situ photo-NMR

During this webinar, you will learn from experts how benchtop NMR can be integrated with the sample illumination to characterise light-activated reactions in-situ. Through high uniformity illumination which uses several wavelengths simultaneously, without the need for fibre-optic cables, you will discover how it is now possible to observe molecular switches and photodegradation as they occur inside the sample.

By the end of the webinar, you will have learnt:

  • Why benchtop NMR can now provide a comprehensive characterisation of photochemistry in the labs of chemists, engineers and researchers
  • How NMR can quantify the kinetics, energetics, intermediates and structural changes in photochemically activated reactions
  • About a new, efficient and convenient method for delivering controlled and multi-wavelength sample illumination within a benchtop NMR spectrometer
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Our Speakers

Dr James Sagar - Oxford Instruments
Business Manager

James Sagar is the Business Manager for the Materials Analysis Group at Oxford Instruments. He also takes a lead on Oxford Inst...

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Golovanov - University of Manchester
Reader in structural biology and chemistry

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Golovanov is a physicist who graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and then completed...