Raman spectroscopy for biomolecular analysis and label-free Raman imaging

Raman spectroscopy for biomolecular analysis and label-free Raman imaging

In two consecutive presentations, researchers from the Imperial College London and from WITec present various techniques based on Raman spectroscopy and their application in life sciences, pharmaceutics, nanomedicine and regenerative medicine.

Part 1 | Raman Spectroscopy: a versatile toolbox for biomolecular analysis

Raman spectroscopy is an integral part of the characterisation toolbox of the high-impact research performed within the Stevens Group at Imperial College London on regenerative medicine, biomaterials interactions and nanomedicine. In this talk Dr. Jelle Penders covers a variety of Raman spectroscopy-based techniques applied and developed by Prof. Molly Stevens’ team, including quantitative Volumetric Raman Imaging (qVRI), Functionalized Arrays for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (FASERS) and Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis (SPARTA), illustrating the great benefits and utility Raman spectroscopy has for research in life science and its translation.


Part 2 | Illuminating the living world with Raman: label-free imaging for bio and pharma research

Confocal Raman microscopy is a label-free and non-destructive imaging technique for chemical characterization. It can quickly identify the components of a sample and visualize their spatial distribution in two or three dimensions at diffraction-limited resolution. As no staining or other specialized sample preparation procedures are required, Raman imaging is the perfect tool for monitoring the chemical composition of pharmaceutical and biomedical specimens. For example, the spatial distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients in tablets can be analyzed and drug delivery processes can be monitored. Cell and tissue structures can be visualized without staining the sample and drug- or hormone-induced cellular changes can be investigated.  

This webinar gives an introduction to the principles of confocal Raman microscopy and details its use for chemical sample analysis. The power of Raman imaging is illustrated by various application examples from life sciences, pharmaceutics and biomedical research. The presented examples also include correlative measurements which combine Raman imaging with surface characterization techniques such as scanning electron microscopy or atomic force microscopy.

This webinar presents:

  • The principles of confocal Raman microscopy and how it can be used for label-free chemical imaging. 
  • Numerous application examples that demonstrate the benefits of Raman imaging in pharmaceutical and biomedical research and the life sciences. 
  • How Raman imaging can be combined with other imaging techniques for comprehensive sample analyses.


Both presentations were recorded as part of the Wiley Analytical Science Virtual Conference 2020 and originally broadcasted by Wiley Analytical Science on November 24, 2020, under the title "Raman spectroscopy for biomolecular analysis and label-free Raman imaging".

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On Demand


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Our Speakers

Part 1 of the webinar is presented by Dr. Jelle Penders, Research Associate at Imperial College London, UK. Part 2 is presented by Dr. Miriam Böhmler, Head of the Application and Support Department at WITec, and by Dr. Ute Schmidt, Applications Manager at WITec.

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