Raman microscopy for microparticle analysis: find, classify and identify

Raman microscopy for microparticle analysis: find, classify and identify

This webinar demonstrates the utility of Raman microscopy for automated microparticle analysis. Scientists from industry and academia present the principles of the technique as well as scientific studies of microplastics in environmental samples.


Microparticle analysis is increasingly important in fields ranging from environmental science to pharmaceutical research. Employing Raman microscopy to investigate particulate samples non-destructively holds great promise in accelerating workflow, refining precision and amplifying analytical power. This webcast describes how Raman microscopy can be used for microparticle analysis, including a short review of the theory and technology underlying the technique. The session begins with a brief introduction to the principles of Raman microscopy and its associated applications. The use of Raman microscopy for particle analysis is then described, with a focus on the automated finding, classifying and identifying of different particles. An example of an important, real-world application of the technology concludes the session when Natalia P. Ivleva from the Technical University of Munich presents the work of her group on the analysis of microplastic particles in different environmental samples, including aquatic organisms.

During this webcast, the speakers will address:

  • What Raman microscopy is, along with an introduction to its operational principles and hardware considerations.
  • How large numbers of particles in a sample can be quickly found, classified and identified using automated routines.
  • How the technique can be useful for microparticle analysis, with an investigation of microplastic pollution shown as an example.

The presentations were recorded as part of a webinar that was originally broadcasted by Nature Research Custom Media on June 4, 2019 under the same title.

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On Demand


ca. 60 min.




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Our Speakers

This webinar is presented by Dr. David Steinmetz and Dr. Miriam Böhmler (WITec) and Dr. Natalia P. Ivleva (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

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