How the BEX technique is changing the way we use SEM

The new BEX technique is revolutionising analysis in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). It rapidly produces accurate, high-resolution, information-rich images, as you navigate around your sample, that immediately reveal the elemental composition. Unity, the first and only Backscattered Electron and X-ray (BEX) detector, helps you discover more about the make-up of your samples than ever before by uncovering even tiny details on sample surfaces that are easily missed using other techniques, and so it accelerates your path to discovery.

Join us to learn more about BEX and see how the Unity detector will revolutionise analysis in scanning electron microscopy using a variety of sample types to show the power of this new technology in action.

You will learn:

  • Basics of the BEX technique and the Unity detector 
  • How BEX is used to solve real issues, using examples from Battery, Geology, Alloys and Electronics
  • How BEX can be used in extreme conditions like variable pressure mode & high magnifications
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On Demand


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Dr Haithem Mansour - Oxford Instruments
BEX Product Manager

Dr. Haithem Mansour graduated with a PhD in Material Science from the University of Lorraine in France. He joined Oxford Instru...

Dr Lucia Spasevski - Oxford Instruments
Product Manager

Dr Lucia Spasevski graduated with a BSc and MSc in Chemistry. She started her career as a Sales and Application specialist for ...

Dr Matt Hiscock - Oxford Instruments
MAG Head of Product Science

Dr Matt Hiscock is the MAG Head of Product Science at Oxford Instruments and holds an MSci in geology from the University of Br...

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What is BEX (Backscattered Electron and X-ray)? Get ahead of the webinar, and learn all about this exciting new technique on our educational page!