Enhancing development, scale-up and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with benchtop NMR

During this webinar, you will learn more about the use of cryogen-free benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and relaxometry across the pharmaceutical industry – from R&D to process development and manufacturing scale-up. Claire Dickson and James Sagar will review both qualitative and quantitative methods for formulation development, process optimisation, drug product purity and quality control. They will also discuss the impact of optimising and automating routine measurements on analysis speed, sample throughput and data integrity

By the end of the webinar, you will:

  • have discovered the broad capabilities of mobile, cryogen free, benchtop NMR systems across the pharmaceutical product lifecycle
  • understand how benchtop NMR is applied to dynamic systems including in-line reaction monitoring
  • have found out how to optimise quantitative NMR experiments to increase throughput and ensure consistency
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Our Speakers

Dr James Sagar - Oxford Instruments
Strategic Product & Applications Manager

James Sagar has been a Strategic Product and Applications Manager in benchtop NMR at Oxford Instruments since January 2019. He ...

Claire Dickson - Oxford Instruments
Applications Specialist

Claire joined Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance as an applications specialist in April 2022. Claire worked on 3D structural...