Cutting-edge Raman Imaging for New Advances in Pharmaceutics

Cutting-edge Raman Imaging for New Advances in Pharmaceutics

This webinar gives an introduction to Raman imaging and demonstrates its utility for pharmaceutical research and industry using various example measurements.


Confocal Raman imaging microscopy is a non-destructive chemical characterization method, which can quickly identify the components of a sample and visualize their spatial distribution in three dimensions at high resolution. It doesn’t require staining or other specialized sample preparation and it doesn’t necessitate large sample volumes or high concentrations.

After giving an introduction to Raman imaging, this webinar presents a series of measurement examples that demonstrate the utility of Raman microscopy for pharmaceutical research and industry. These include:

  • real-time imaging of drug delivery with inverted Raman microscopy
  • flow cell Raman analysis
  • API distribution determination
  • microplastics characterization and quantification using a Raman microparticle analysis tool
  • 3D Raman imaging of a cosmetic hand cream
  • identification of components using a Raman spectral database.

This presentation is an excerpt of a joint webinar by Dr. Böhmler and Patrick Wray, Senior Research Investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which was originally broadcasted by BioPharma Asia Magazine under the title “In Situ High Speed NIR Imaging to Monitor Form Change and Drug Release from Rapidly Disintegrating Tablets” on March 10, 2020.

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On Demand


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This webinar is presented by Dr. Miriam Böhmler, Head of the Application and Support Department at WITec.

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