Cutting-Edge 3D Raman Imaging in the Life Sciences

Cutting-Edge 3D Raman Imaging in the Life Sciences

This presentation provides an overview of Raman imaging in the Life Sciences and presents examples of Raman measurements on biomolecules, cells, tissues, and entire organisms. It is part of the Biophotonics Conference 2022.


Raman imaging is a versatile, label-free, and nondestructive microscopy technique that can characterize many types of materials, including biological samples. It provides information about their chemical composition, the spatial distribution of the individual compounds, the conformation of the molecules, their crystallinity, and details of other properties. When combined with complementary methods in correlative Raman imaging, the technique enables a more comprehensive understanding of a sample than any single approach. Raman microscopy is a suitable technique for the studies of cells, tissues, biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids, as well as pharmacological formulations and microplastics. In addition, it allows for time-resolved measurements of processes, making Raman imaging a method with enormous potential for use in the life sciences.

The speaker provides an overview of Raman imaging microscopy, describes recent developments in the method that deliver fast chemical characterization of different biological samples, and offers several vivid examples of its application.

27 October 2022

6 : 10 PM (UTC)


c. 30 minutes




WITec | Raman

Our Speaker

Dr. Ievgeniia Iermak - WITec GmbH
Application Scientist

Ievgeniia Iermak joined WITec GmbH in 2021 as an application scientist. She assists customers in configuring a Raman microscope...

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