Correlative 3D Raman Imaging: The Sample Characterization Multi-tool

Correlative 3D Raman Imaging: The Sample Characterization Multi-tool

The webinar presents possibilities and new tools for correlative Raman investigations along with operational principles and hardware considerations. Various application examples are discussed in detail.


Confocal Raman imaging is a powerful, versatile and increasingly common microscopy technique that is capable of quickly identifying the molecules in a sample and visualizing their physical distribution three-dimensionally. This nondestructive and label-free chemical characterization method has enormous potential for researchers in many fields of application. Using fully automated Raman microscope designs, the full benefits of high-resolution 3D chemical imaging are available at the click of a mouse, to researchers of all experience levels.

This webinar introduces the principles of 3D Raman imaging and the speakers show in detail how to access chemical imaging at the highest spatial resolution.

Comprehensive analyses of samples often require a combination of different techniques. Structural information on a sample’s surface can be obtained by Atomic Force Microscopy or Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Raman imaging can reveal its chemical composition and by combining the techniques, structural and chemical information can be easily acquired from the same sample position. These approaches are described and the power of correlative Raman-AFM and Raman-SEM imaging for analysis is illustrated in the contexts of 2D materials research, food- and pharmaceutical sciences, geosciences, battery research and life sciences.


During this webinar, the speakers present:

  • What Raman microscopy is, along with an introduction to its operational principles and hardware considerations.
  • Possibilities and new tools for Raman investigations and particle analyses including several application examples from various fields.
  • How correlative microscopy can provide a more complete understanding of a sample than single techniques in isolation.
On Demand

On Demand


c. 30 min.




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Our Speakers

This webinar is presented by Dr. Thomas Dieing, Product Manager at WITec, and Dr. Ute Schmidt, Applications Manager at WITec.

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