Harness the power of EBSD pattern matching technology for the semiconductor industry

New Webinar: Harness the power of EBSD pattern matching technology for the semiconductor industry

The optoelectronic performance of semiconductors is strongly influenced by their structural quality. It is therefore critical to be able to analyse semiconductor thin films using techniques that can resolve the key features, such as crystallographic texture, grain boundaries, threading dislocations and crystal polarity. Although many techniques are routinely employed to this effect, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is less commonly utilised, on part due to a lack of precision that limits its ability to resolve individual defects and crystal polarity.

In recent years a new approach to EBSD pattern indexing has developed, utilising direct correlation between experimental and simulated patterns. These pattern matching methods have resulted in marked improvements in angular precision, an ability to resolve crystal polarity and the effective discrimination between crystallographically similar phases.

In this webinar we will be joined by Dr. Aimo Winkelmann, an expert in EBSD pattern simulation and matching approaches, to highlight the recent developments in this field. We will introduce the advanced pattern matching functionality in Oxford Instruments’ new AZtecCrystal MapSweeper software and we will show how MapSweeper can extract critical information from a range of samples of importance to the semiconductor industry, including thin films, solder bumps and nanostructured materials.

You will learn:

  • The key principles behind EBSD pattern simulation and pattern matching
  • How fast and versatile pattern matching tools have been implemented in AZtecCrystal MapSweeper
  • Application examples across a wide range of materials relevant to the semiconductor industry

Who should attend:

  • Scientists involved in research into the properties of semiconductor materials
  • Researchers in the semiconductor or electronic packaging industries
  • Researchers using EBSD to characterise challenging materials
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Dr Pat Trimby - Oxford Instruments
EBSD Product Manager

Dr. Trimby holds a degree in Geology from Oxford University and a PhD from Liverpool University, focusing on the application of...

Dr Aimo Winkelmann - ST-Development GmbH / AGH University of Science and Technology
Senior EBSD Scientist

Dr. Winkelmann received his PhD degree in solid state physics from the University of Jena (Germany), dealing with the ...

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