Advancing Polymer Research and Testing with Benchtop NMR

NMR spectroscopy is an efficient method for material characterisation. The availability of low-field NMR spectrometers enables a low-cost and high-accuracy route to high quality NMR spectroscopic analysis of complex systems such as polymer mixtures and composites. As many factors play a role in the ability of low-field NMR to characterize polymer systems, understanding tailorable instrumental factors for designing appropriate experimental methods becomes crucial.

This webinar will present accounts of the application of low field NMR spectroscopy to the analysis of polymeric systems and discuss the impact of instrumental parameters, spectral quality, and quantitative analysis in comparison with high-field (400 MHz) spectroscopy results.

By the end of the webinar, you will have learnt:

  • How NMR accelerates polymer R&D and improves manufacturing quality control
  • The importance of small molecule detection in macromolecular systems
  • The influence of polymer sample properties
  • How to choose the optimum NMR instrumental parameters
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Our Speakers

Marcel Lachenmann - Oxford Instruments
Senior Applications Specialist

Marcel has been working on benchtop NMR applications at Oxford Instruments since 2013 and has many years of NMR experience. Mar...

Dr Bryan S. Beckingham - Auburn University
Assistant Professor

Dr. Bryan S. Beckingham received his B.S in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University in 2007, his Ph.D. degree in Chemical...