Aug. 2, 2021

WITec alpha300 apyron wins 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award

The fully automated Raman microscope is deemed one of the year’s best developments.

Ulm, Germany
August 2, 2021

WITec GmbH, the prime mover of technological advance in commercial Raman microscopes, has received a 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award for its alpha300 apyron fully automated Raman imaging system.

It was selected by the editors of Microscopy Today as one of the ten most significant innovations in the areas of light microscopy, electron microscopy, and microanalysis. As described by the award organizers, “These innovations will make microscopy and microanalysis more powerful, more productive, and easier to accomplish.”

The alpha300 apyron delivers the full benefits of 3D Raman imaging at the click of a mouse, to researchers of all experience levels. Motorized components and software-driven routines enable self-optimization to accelerate experimental setup for increased sample turnover rates and to ensure the consistency of results. It is also capable of remote operation, in environmental enclosures such as glove boxes and even from home offices.

“We’re very honored to receive the 2021 Innovation Award,” said Harald Fischer, Marketing Director at WITec. “Microscopy Today is such an esteemed publication and they really understand what matters to the people in the labs, using the instruments. The alpha300 apyron brings all our know-how in optics, mechanics and software together so it’s great to have that recognized.”

For further details, please visit the alpha300 apyron product page.

The Innovation Award-winning alpha300 apyron
The Innovation Award-winning alpha300 apyron