October 1, 2019

Upcoming Asylum Research Webinar “Probing Nanoscale Structure & Properties of Polymers: Advances in Atomic Force Microscopy,” October 16, 2019

AFM polymer variety

October 1, 2019 (Santa Barbara, CA)

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research, in partnership with SelectScience, will be hosting a free webinar titled “Probing Nanoscale Structure & Properties of Polymers: Advances in Atomic Force Microscopy” on October 16th.

Polymer science is a very active and vibrant field for research and development, both commercially and in academia. Material and product advances are often enabled by blends and composites, which must be understood at nanoscale dimensions. Asylum Research atomic force microscopes offer unique capabilities and superior resolution for polymer characterization at these length scales. This webinar will introduce these capabilities by sharing fascinating real-world examples where AFM has aided development of new materials and products in the plastics and rubber industries as well as in fundamental polymer science research.

Watch the webinar on demand: AFM.oxinst.com/polymer-webinar

“Our webinar will focus on the information that AFM can contribute to polymer R&D and not on the details of AFM technology. Anyone working in the polymer field will find the webinar useful, whether they are familiar with AFM or not,” emphasized Dr. Ben Ohler, Director of Marketing at Asylum Research. “Everyone will come away from the webinar with a better understanding of what AFM can do and, hopefully, some exciting ideas about how it can contribute to their own work.”

The webinar will be presented by Asylum Research applications scientists Dr. F. Ted Limpoco and Dr. Jonathan Moffat. Each has used AFM for over ten years including extensive experience in AFM characterization of polymers. The main webinar presentation will be followed by an open question and answer period, during which they will be happy to answer questions about the webinar content or questions specific to attendees’ own samples and research challenges.

The webinar will include many examples from different classes of materials, including: molecular-scale imaging of crystalline and amorphous polymers, dispersion of adhesive components, nanofibers in packaging film, and filled rubber blends.