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24 Mar

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Releases Variable Magnetic Field Module accessory for Jupiter XR, Large Sample Atomic Force Microscope 

VFM Accessory

March 24th, 2021 (Santa Barbara, CA). Oxford Instruments Asylum Research announces the release of the Variable Field Module (VFM) accessory for the Jupiter XR atomic force microscope (AFM). The adjustable magnetic field enabled by the VFM accessory is useful for applications such as imaging the domain reversal behavior of ferromagnetic thin films, studying magnetic field dependent resistance in sensor devices, or imaging magnetic particles. This Asylum Research exclusive accessory can be configured for the magnetic field to be applied either in-plane with the sample or out-of-plane. “The VFM accessory is unique to Asylum Research AFMs and will enable researchers to increase their knowledge of ferromagnetic and piezoelectric materials,” commented Dr. Jason Li, Applications Scientist manager at Oxford Instruments Asylum Research.

Asylum Research AFMs are widely used across many different industrial and academic research fields including energy storage, polymers, semiconductors and 2D materials. The Jupiter XR is a large-sample AFM that can accommodate samples up to 200 millimeters in diameter and inspect areas up to 100×100 microns while still delivering ultra-high resolution and high throughput, with typical images requiring <1 minute to acquire.

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 Image caption: VFM accessory mounted on the Jupiter XR AFM.